Giving a vivid understanding of people and their lives

Unravel specialised in 'conversations by design'

We offer a range of services from qualitative group discussions; in-home insight gathering depths to web forums as well as a wide range of quantitative techniques.

Our research is designed to be conversational in nature allowing us to elicit more powerful insights.

Being method neutral means we recommend a tailor-made approach for each client using the research tools available.

Using experienced researchers we can offer solid, grounded strategic thinking.

When combined with communications planning we can provide a holistic service to your business.

  • Jewellery lovers.... and the frail elderly
  • Savvy credit card holders….and people touched by cancer
  • Parental smokers….and small tourism businesses
  • Cervical screening avoiders….and home insurance renewers
  • Frequent flyers….and transient local authority residents

unravel resdearch and planning clients

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